Tpr George Duncan Huckell

George Huckell
  • Taken On Strength(TOS)

    Rank: Tpr
    Sqn: B

    Date: 25 Jun 43

    TOS from No. 2 CACRU


    Rank: Tpr

    Date: 30 Jul 43

    Gunner (RAC) II


    Rank: Tpr

    Date: 15 Jan 44

    Cdn Vol Svc Medal & Clasp

  • Rank: Tpr

    Date: 25 Feb 44

    Dvr IC (TK)

  • DDAY

    Rank: Tpr

    Date: 03 Jun 44

    Embarked 3 Jun 44, Disembarked 6 Jun 44

  • DDAY

    Rank: Tpr
    Trade: Driver/Operator
    Sqn: B

    Date: 06 Jun 44

    Tpr. G. Huckel was the Driver for Capt. H. Smuck the Battle Captain of B Squadron. His tank call sign B-3 a Duplex Drive tank landed in the first wave onto Juno Beach Sector Nan Green and was later swamped on the beach by the incoming tide.

  • Stricken Off Strength(SOS)

    Rank: Tpr

    Date: 11 Jun 44

    KIA. Le Mesnil Patry, France. Buried at Beny-sur-Mer Cdn Military Cemetery.

    Canada Archives Link - https://recherche-collection-search.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/Home/Search?DataSource=Genealogy|Military|Kia&ServiceNumber=H195115&